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JK Computing offers services across the UK specialising in web design, based in the Accrington, Lancashire area. I started trading as JK Computing when I was studying at college. My main focus was to work with computers, whether this be repairs and upgrades, or network installations.

Whilst studying in college, I found my love for web development. I had learned HTML in my younger years, spending countless hours in between school sat on www.codecademy.com learning the language to create static pages. In my first year of college, I was introduced to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which is the part of code that modify’s the way your website looks and interacts.

In my second year studying at Blackburn College, I was then introduced to PHP, a server side scripting language, using it to make my first of many dynamic web pages.

During my final year at college, I worked on behalf of a web development company based in Blackburn, Lancashire completing modifications and updates to client websites. I learnt most of my knowledge on WordPress whilst working here, something which I use now, mainly due to it’s aftermarket usability to the client.

What Is Our Aim

My main aim is to offer web development to small business and startups, including sole traders and freelancers. This mainly stemmed from the fact that I realised people were paying over the odds for a website, creating a large business expense, which could be invested into other areas of the business.

What Is Our Plan To Action This?

As advertised on our homepage, we use the WordPress Content Management System. WordPress is a popular website builder, and our main reason for choosing this is the aftermarket usability. This factor along is already saving you hundreds of £. WordPress has many different uses, and possibilities, offering a solution for every possible requirement. 

Making use of WooCommerce, it is possible to integrate an online store into your site, creating a unique user experience for your customers.

SEO is one of the larger costs associated with a website. Search Engine Optimisation is a process that is completed to optimise your website for a search engine rankings. Search engines take many factors into account when ranking websites for a search result, our sites are SEO friendly and all SER’s are organic. We don’t complete an SEO campaign on our sites by default, however we have previously outsourced this to white label companies to do the work on our behalf.

Meet the team!

Jack Kelly

At the moment, it’s just me, however I hope that soon I can work alongside someone as JK Computing grows.

I started JK Computing after finishing college, as it’s something I enjoy doing, so I thought why not turn it into a business! I’ve had a passion for computing, since I picking it up at the age of 14.

My experience grows from a selection of backgrounds, something that I am proud to have, and is what taught me the things I value the most.

I worked at a company called Area Pages Local for a short while, which is where I put the most of my knowledge to the test. I made modifications to clients websites. I learnt some skills working here too, mainly around the use of WordPress. Before this I would code completely bespoke websites myself, however this has many disadvantages compared to WordPress.

Throughout my college studies, I worked at a McDonald’s franchise, which taught me effective use of customer service, and dealing with problems effectively.

I learnt to program at the age of roughly 14. I received a Raspberry Pi (nano computer) as a gift. I used this to learn basic python programming (knowledge that I expanded with a Level 2 BTEC). I also gained knowledge of the use of a Linux terminal, especially helpful when configuring servers!


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We’re based in the Accrington, Lancashire area, however we offer services to the whole of the UK.

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