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We specialise in Low Cost Web Design, for small business’ and individuals.

In a world that is online, why aren’t you? Our aim is to give all small business and individuals an online presence, at a price you can most definitely be pleased with.

Domain & Hosting

There’s no point having a great website without great hosting. I like to ensure that the hosting I provide is fit for your business!
Websites are hosted via SiteGround – one of the most trusted hosts globally.

WordPress Development

I chose to offer websites made with WordPress. This means that your website has high potential and the customisation possibilities are endless. WordPress also offers a user friendly interface that you can access after development!

Cost Friendly Packages

I understand that you don’t want to be paying thousands for a website. My aim is to offer the same great quality websites with a much lower cost. My packages aren’t designed for profit.
Packages are one-off payments, so you’re not paying every month.


I’m ready and available for any issues you may have. If any issues arise, they will be prioritised and fixed promptly. I am also readily available for any questions you may have.

About JK Computing

JK Computing is my trading name. My name is Jack and I’m a freelance web developer!

I started JK Computing in 2018, after I finished college with the aim of offering websites that look great, at a cost that looks even better. My primary aim is to be able to get small business and freelancers online, whilst combatting the reason that they’re not already – the cost.

Because JK Computing is a hobby, I don’t prioritise profit, infact, I make very little, due to the fact that I value the people and the product more than I do the money I make.

When I’m not making website, I work full time in the call centre industry, aiding people to find the solutions they need.

During college, I studied IT, with one of my stronger areas being Website Development. I received a Distinction in this unit. Between studying and a full time job, I also worked part time for a web development company, which is where I discovered WordPress.

WordPress is a great tool, and after pursuing my desire to start my own freelance venture I decided that this would be perfect as even people with basic computer knowledge can modify the websites I create.

My websites are built using the Elementor plugin, and other design tools.

At the start of the process, you will be receive an email to log into my website and view your project. This will give detailed information about the stage we’re in, and what’s next.

FAO Existing Clients

Dear Clients; I’ve been made aware in the last couple of days that any subdomain ( that was used as part of the free site

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Google Analytics

Did you know that your site comes with Google Analytics installed? This shows you your site traffic, whilst also identifying your type of audience, to

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Content Creation

We are currently exploring options to be able to offer content writing for our clients. Content writing will not only make your website more detailed

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To further build up our showcase portfolio, we’re looking at offering out some FREE websites for new clients, in return, all we ask for is

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